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Increased cost pressures mean fewer staff. This makes it difficult for managers (or Quality /Safety/Environmental managers) to manage their quality/safety / environmental systems to cost- effectively add value to their organizations.

That's where QPS (with Environmental and OH&S Division ENOHS) comes in. With extensive management experience in these areas, we understand your problem. Good help, on an as-needed basis, is hard to get, and whatever is available, is exorbitantly expensive. We can provide you assistance at an affordable cost and in most cases with a noticeable reduction to your existing costs.

We can meet all your ISO 9000, ISO/TS 16949 (/QS 9000), Safety Map, AS 4801, ISO 14000 introduction, upgrading, improvement and maintenance requirements which you need to outsource, due to you or your staff being too busy or lacking expertise. We can provide assistance in areas such as writing of new/changes to the Policy Manual and Operating Procedures, facilitating Management Reviews, internal auditing of systems, facilitating corrective actions, etc.

Our consultants are highly trained and experienced.