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·        Meeting of our clients’ requirements is of paramount importance to us.

·        We serve our clients with integrity, sincerity, honesty and competence.

·        We are impartial in analysing issues and providing solutions.

·        Whilst we cannot guarantee the outcomes, we only undertake assignments which by virtue of our training and experience we are capable of handling effectively and are confident will be of benefit to the client.

·        We use information provided by the client in-confidence and for the purpose of the assignment only and abstain from divulging the information to unauthorized parties without the client’s prior approval.

·        Before accepting an assignment we confer with the client in sufficient detail to understand the problem and the scope of work required to solve it. This conferring is on the terms agreed with the client. After this, a plan of action is prepared and agreed with the client.

·        All subsequent work is as per the plan of action; any changes required to the plan are agreement with the client.

·        Wherever possible, all fees and charges are agreed with the client in advance of the commencement of the assignment.